Squirrels and Acorns

How is a crafty mama supposed to resist $2/yard snuggle flannel at Joanns?

I love the owls! I think I’m going to make the boys flannel lounge pants. I did some “recycled” ones a few weeks ago (using Daddy’s old ones, and making use of the fact that they were already hemmed) and I think I might make some from scratch now that I’ve done it once.

But, the squirrel and acorn fabric was the reason I went to the store in the first place. I bought the adorable wooden acorns from Caseys for my youngest son’s preschool class, and I wanted to make a cute little drawstring bag to store them. Aren’t they adorable?

So easy too. I just cut a rectangle about 8″ by 16″. Sewed a pocket for the drawstring on the top of each side. Then folded it in half, inside out, and sewed up the sides, keeping the drawstring pocket open. Sewed a little line on both sides of the bottom to make it a little flatter when sitting up. (See Super Eggplant’s tote bag tutorial here.) Turned it right-side out, and then threaded the cording through. To thread the cording, you thread one piece all the way around. Then, start on the opposite side and thread another piece all the way around. Then knot each piece. I put a little tacky glue on the ends, so hopefully, it won’t fray or become unraveled. We’ll see if I was successful.

I just love the squirrel fabric! Hubby said I couldn’t resist kitsch, LOL.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your site. Love the look of it and I look forward to all the projects you plan to share. Thanks for including the gnome pattern. This past summer Tim and I made a gnome house as featured in MagicCabin. (Next summer we plan to do a weekly offshoot of onegenerationtoanother.com on making your own!) Anyway, we got all the materials from our yard. Even collected black walnuts and made a stain. Used bee’s wax and olive oil to seal the wood. All organic. You could eat it in a pinch 🙂 Anyway, after all that, I broke down and bought the gnomes…which look a heck of a lot like yours. But I ask you, can you ever have enough gnomes? I think not, so I’ll use your plans to make more! Thanks again!

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