Wet felted Easter eggs

Just made my first wet felted Easter egg using Resurrection Fern’s tutorial. Lots of fun! I’ve been wanting to wet felt something for a long time, had all the supplies, and just never made the time to try it out. So, I saw Resurrection Fern’s new tutorial, and figured with Easter right around the corner, the time was prime for some wet felted eggs! Of course, I just bought some adorable ones in the Wool Food Mama‘s Easter egg co-op, but hey,..more is more, right? I don’t have quite the right wool roving for Easter eggs though, in terms of colors. The white and brown that I have worked perfectly. So, since I had some bright blue and green, I decided to make “earth” Easter eggs. Now, I need some new wool roving! Lucky for me there is a Peace Fleece co-op going on right now. How opportune.

Here is the wool (this is wool batting that I normally use for stuffing wool felt play food), wrapped loosely around the plastic Easter eggs in about five layers. You wrap each layer in a different direction, which helps the fibers bind together. My Dawn dish soap (2 parts water, 1 part Dawn) in the cup behind.


Here we are in the rubbing on the bamboo mat with soapy hot water phase. Hmm…probably shouldn’t have used my husband’s sushi mat. It sort of smells like wet sheep now. It will probably dissipate after the mat dries. Hopefully. I should get a washboard, it’s probably easier. I might have used too much water, but I’m not really sure. I’m still a wet felting newbie. But, it turned out okay, so maybe I was fine.


And here’s my completed egg! It’s still drying. After about 24 hours, it seems dry, but I might let it dry a bit longer before I cut it open. I will be cutting it open with sharp scissors across the side. Then, pull out the plastic egg. Then, I will blanket stitch the opening with some embroidery floss or cotton perle, a la Wool Food Mama’s eggs.

Wet felted wool egg

And here are the four of the five eggs that I made! How do you like the “Earth” ones? I think they are cute. My son helped me with a fifth Earth egg, and we had some better polar ice caps on that one. I used two layers of the white wool, then one layer of green, then a top layer of blue.

Try it out! It was fun, and satisfying working with the wet wool with your hands. It probably took me about 20 minutes to make one egg. And pretty easy prep phase and clean-up phase, since you are pretty much only using soap and water.

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  1. bookmarking this… I just ordered some roving to try to make these, they’re so sweet 🙂

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