Knitting little bunnies

I am not a knitter. I’m a wannabe knitter but have never made the effort to learn beyond getting some supplies and trying it out a time or two. So I was looking through my latest issue of Living Crafts magazine (awesome, awesome craft mag!), and saw these adorable little knit bunnies. They looked pretty simple. (Yeah, right.) Well, they are supposed to be knit on size 2 needles. Those are tiny. So, after several failed attempts, I stepped up to size 4, and progress went a little better. I finally have my swatch ready to bind off, and then, you tie it off in different places to make the ears, and sew up the body, do some embroidered eyes, etc., and voila! Of course, I’m having a bit of trouble binding off since I haven’t ever actually done that before. I’ll figure it out. I’m going to check out the “how to” videos at Knitting Help. And, I think I am going to start a class at my LYS (local yarn store). So, hopefully a picture of a bunny with be forthcoming.

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  1. Okay, Tina…you must knit faster because I’m waiting to see how these bunnies turn out 🙂 Also, went to the magazine website to see the bunny directions, and couldn’t find them. Must only be in the mag, not online. Anyway, hoping you get them done soon…might be something do make for the grandbabies for Easter. Can you include the directions or the link to the website incase I just missed it. BTW the absolute beauty of knitting is how “clean” it easy, and easy to “take along”. I’m sure you’ll catch on quick and you’ll love the ton of knitted felting you can do!

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