Transferring an embroidery design

So, Kim asked how Doodle Stitching recommended transferring a design onto your material. They suggested several ways, usually involving various types of pens, light sources, etc. So, I’ll tell you how I did it for my first project, which is all I can do since I’m highly in-expert! It worked really well though, so I was happy.

I bought an iron-on transfer pencil. It was maybe $2 at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I copied the pattern from the book, enlarging it to the correct percentage stated in the book using my flatbed Canon home copier. The pattern was color, so I darkened in some of the lighter lines with a regular pen. Then I turned the piece of paper (just normal copy paper) over and traced every line on the back side of the paper using the transfer pencil. (I held it up to a glass window with light shining through to transfer easily – would work better with a light box of course, but I don’t have one.) I then laid the transfer pencil side of the design onto my fabric and ironed it, per the pencil’s directions. I set the iron down for 10 seconds, moved the iron, 10 more seconds, etc. until it was all transferred. It worked great! At first, I was worried about ironing directly on paper, so I used a press cloth, but that wasn’t working to transfer the design. So, I ironed directly on the paper, and it was fine.

I’m still working on my project, but it is coming along nicely. I’d say I’m half done. I’m excited to see what it is going to look like all sewn up! Here’s how it looked before I started the embroidery.

2 Responses

  1. Tina,
    Thanks for the very clear instructions. Think I’m going to go ahead and buy the book…and the wax pencil. I have a couple of baby showers coming up and looks like there are some really great ideas! Taking a trip down to see Adam next week in South Carolina. If Tim drives it would be a great project to do…if I’m going myself I’ll have to just listen to NPR and dream of crafting 🙂

  2. We squirrels should stick together.

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