Embroidery WIP

Just wanted to share my first embroidery project in its “in progress” stage. I’m excited to finish up and create the pillow. Unfortunately, no crafting this weekend went on. We were busy with school open houses, playdates, grocery shopping, laundry, and other such things. We did have several bird sightings at our new bird feeder, which everyone was excited about. Spring is coming…..eventually. We had a whole flock of robins in our driveway when we came home from school on Thursday. That was exciting too!

Black-capped chickadees and American goldfinches at our bird feeder on our back deck.

3 Responses

  1. It’s looking great. And what incredible colors! Are you actually making a pillow or is it a pillow case? Either way I absolutely love how peaceful and serene the design is. Have fun finishing it! BTW have several bird feeders in our backyard. If I don’t wake up every morning feeling like Cinderella or Snow White my day isn’t complete. Need my woodland animals 🙂 We’ve got the gold finches and robins, but a sure sign of spring here is the redwinged blackbirds and grackles! And the possums and racoons!

  2. I’m doing the project that is in the book and it will become a 10×10 inch little pillow. I have some cute teal blue (matches the blue on the embroidery) paisley flannel to use as the backing.

  3. I love your bunny! That was one of the patterns in the book that really caught my eye as well. I can’t wait to see your finished pillow!

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