I am so weak

Remember that Ginger Blossom fabric that I have been coveting? Well, Fabric.com has an anniversary coupon out for 20% off your entire order and they just got a new shipment of Ginger Blossom in. (Coupon is APRIL2004 and valid until Monday, April 7th at midnight EDT.) They are selling a bundle of 14 different prints, half yards. I was going to ignore the coupon until I made the mistake of reading Sandi Henderson’s blog where she mentioned it in relation to “Ginger Blossom in stock!” At least I had some Paypal to offset it a bit! I also got a half yard of Irish linen. I’m going to try using that for some embroidery. I think it will look beautiful! And I also got some fun retro robot fabric. Not sure what I’m going to do with it, but it’s adorable! I’m thinking maybe some applique t-shirts for the boys. At least I restrained myself from purchasing any of the Amy Butler fabric. They have the new Midwest Modern in stock.

Okay need to stop buying fabric and start using up fabric that I already own. Off to finish some super hero capes for my friend using Puking Pastille’s tutorial.


3 Responses

  1. Weak…no way! Inspired, excited, creative, perhaps at times a little dillusional with time management šŸ™‚ but NOT weak! If we can’t create and express ourselves what’s the point?!!! Enjoy it all with no guilt! Always look forward to hearing about your latest endevours! BTW the robots are great. I’m sure the boys will love whatever you do with them!

  2. Oh my! That fabric is just gorgeous. I don’t blame you for your moment of ‘weakness.’ I’m really having to remind myself that I’m in the no-spend challenge this month!

  3. The robot fabric would make cute pajamas.

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