A new craft room

Well, last week was school vacation week, so not too much crafting was accomplished, even though I had had high hopes. Instead, the weather was gorgeous, so we just played outside a lot. I did do a lot of Spring Cleaning, which always makes you feel good when it’s done. And, part of that Spring cleaning was cleaning up our bonus room and doing some re-organizing. My husband uses it as his office, but there is plenty of room in there for me too! Especially now that the boxes from our move from over six months ago have been gotten rid of!

So, I now have a dedicated workspace for my sewing and crafting!! It’s not totally done yet, I need to get some bins or other sorts of organizational tools. But, I did set up my machine, and have my quilting mat and ruler out, and some other things. I’d like to do something to organize my scrapbooking, but one step at a time. For now, I’m excited to have a dedicated crafting space, even if it’s still just a WIP. When I get it more organized, I’ll post some pics.

My embroidered bunny is still in that “almost finished” stage. I was going to make it a little pillow, as suggested in the book’s directions, but I’ve changed my mind as I think that would not get very much use and just sit around. I think I’m going to frame it instead and hang it up somewhere.

I’m also considering trying to make a new bedskirt for our guest bed this week. We’ll see if I find the time. I did get one sewing related thing accomplished last week. I hemmed some new dressy jeans that I got from Banana Republic. I don’t know how tall those designers think people are, but it’s not 5’3″! It was my first hemming job, so I was proud of myself. I think I did them just slightly too short though, so I might need to re-do them. Thankfully, I left plenty of room to do just that.

I decided on the Pink Bird Seed fabric for my free fabric prize from Sew Mama Sew. It arrived last week and is oh so cute! I want to cut out some birds and applique them to some baby tees as gifts.

2 Responses

  1. A craft room! I’m so envious. I have to make sure our dining room table is clear and then lay down a towel or placemat and lug my heavy sewing machine over from our bedroom closet to the table. It’s such a pain!

    Enjoy your new space!

  2. Craft rooms are wonderful. I’m currently sharing mine with Breezy…it’s the room she naps in when she’s over…but it is nice to be able to pull things out and leave them out. Unfortunately, I’ve got that whole “stacking” problem thing, and all my crafts migrate to the family room, and dining room table, and kitchen counter…and I could go on and on! But it’s nice to know everything at least has its own space. Hope you and your DH cohabitat nicely! If it were me I KNOW I’d wind up encroaching in his space! (Your bunny would also make an adorable center square in a baby blanket!)

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