Pause in craftiness

So, yes, once again, I’ve been MIA from my blog. There just hasn’t been any squirrelly craftiness going on recently! We went on an awesome trip to San Francisco for a good friend’s wedding. Of course, in addition to the actual cross-country travel, there’s the time it takes to get ready for such a trip as well as the time it takes to recuperate from such a trip.

The other reason for my lack of current craftiness has been that it is SPRING! Hooray! So, instead of being inside creating, I have been outside creating. We have a gorgeous brand new patio with fire pit (that was hired-out creating) and our square foot gardening boxes are ready for some seeds and seedlings! The seeds will hopefully go in this weekend, but we are going to wait another week for the seedlings. The last frost date is pretty late in Zone 4!

I did finish my embroidered bunny last night. I just need to wash and press it and I’ll take a picture to share. I think it is going to become the centerpiece of a small baby quilt. Also, someone on another board shared some awesome pirate gnomes that they made using my tutorial, and I will hopefully share a picture of them soon.

Has anyone ever made a sunflower play house? I just noticed some instructions in a Family Fun newsletter and I thought it looked like it could be great fun for the kids.

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  1. Last year we made a sunflower house with the grandbabies. They had a lot of fun planting it but really didn’t play in it very much. In the fall we made a strawbale fort which they love. We can change the shape when we want…just like blocks. I thought the sunflower house was pretty…we planted morning glories with the sunflowers. I think I needed to plant it in an area with more sun, though. I will gladly send you pics of the house and the fort. How would you like me to send them? Glad you had a great trip. We’ve been in the gardens the past 2 days…life is good 🙂

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