Daddy-Squirrel Craftiness

I just want to share the latest craftiness happening on the Daddy-Squirrel side of the tree. I am very proud of him! He finished the kids’ play structure last weekend. He built the entire thing himself using a plan from a company called Jack’s Backyard. It was built using locally harvested Eastern White Cedar that he got from a local mill. It came rough cut, so he first had to plane all of the wood. Then cut it up according to specifications, router the edges so it would all be rounded off, and then assemble and put it all together. It is absolutely beautiful. The cedar is wonderful, and the kids are having the best time with it. My youngest asked to go swing for a few minutes before we left for school this morning!

It is still missing the roof tarp and some telescopes that I’ve ordered. I had to get the tarp custom made because the platform is a bit bigger than what is apparently standard. Next on the crafty Daddy-squirrel’s list? I’ve asked him to make a kid-sized picnic table so we can seat more people to eat out on our porch. We ate dinner last night out on our screened porch and it was gorgeous outside. I love summer!

Current project underway: Flannel pajama pants with matching appliqued t-shirt. I just need to put in the waist elastic and they are done. After that, either another pair for my younger son, or I promised to make fun practical life aprons for our Montessori class! I also really want to try some freezer paper stenciling as described in The Creative Family.


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  1. It is incredible. Let your hubby know that it looks totally pro! And it’s so cool that it’s made from local trees!The play structure will probably last as long as your house! I know the boys and their friends will find new and, uh, undoubtedly dangerous ways to play on it 😉

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