Hoot! Hoot! Owl pajamas

I’m very happy with how my first pajama set came out! I made flannel pants for my older son with some cute owl fabric that I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics. Then I had this awesome owl fabric that I got from Sew Mama Sew (it’s from On a Whim by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman), so I cut out a couple of owls, and adhered them to an American Apparel long sleeve tee (BEWARE, they run really small!), then did a tight zigzag stitch around the outside of the shapes. Admittedly, the zig zag isn’t beautiful and I see more practice in my future. But, they are pajamas, so no big deal!

Now, I need to make a set for my younger son. He wants a bird on his, so I’m going to use my Pink Bird Seed fabric from when I won Sew Mama Sew’s Free Fabric Friday. I’m not sure what I will make the pants out of. I think I might make them out of the shark flannel I have even though that won’t match the bird. He would just dig the sharks.

4 Responses

  1. Those are really fun pajamas. It makes me want to whip some up!

  2. Very cute! I LOVE the appliqued owls! Michelle and I were just talking about making the girls some summer nightgowns. Your jammies makes me want to make a pair for Aidan, too!

  3. Possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen! I love them!

  4. I love that owl fabric! I bought the same stuff at Christmas and made my husband a pair of pajama pants from it. He was not nearly as thrilled with the owls as I was…Your set is so cute!

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