Bird Songs

This book just came today, Bird Songs: 250 North American Birds in Song. We bought it for my son’s Montessori class as his birthday gift to the class. We are celebrating his birthday at school on Monday and he is very excited to walk around the sun with his globe four times! He wants me to make strawberry and blueberry muffins as the special snack.

In any case, the book arrived today, and oh my. It’s amazing. It’s hard cover and has a built in digital player. You scroll through the numbers until you find the one that matches the number for the bird on the page. The sound quality is wonderful. The boys LOVE it. I also ordered the one that has the songs of birds from around the world, Bird Songs from Around the World, and we are going to keep that one at home. That one hasn’t arrived yet. In any case, I highly recommend the North American one. It really is amazing and a wonderful addition to our home library. There is also a new one out that is called The Backyard Birdsong Guide which we might have to get too. That is more of a handheld type version being a smaller format.

2 Responses

  1. I swear, you cost me more money, Tina! Michelle has been doing a bird unit with the kids this past month, and there are a number of sites we go to online that have bird songs, but it would be nice to have a take along when we are trying to identify birds. Guess it’s off to Amazon for me;)

  2. Got the Backyard book in yesterday. It was so cool. Took it over to show the grandbabies…needless to say I came home empty handed. Need to order another one for myself now!

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