Birthday Crown

Well, I’m working on my son’s birthday crown, but I can’t share pictures. Wah! My camera had a little mishap. Not my fault at all, and hopefully easily correctable, I just haven’t had time to investigate where one goes to repair a camera. The little metal connector that gives you a connection to the batteries popped off when I opened the battery compartment and now the camera has no power. Total bummer.

In any case, I’ll just describe what I am doing! I am making a birthday crown out of wool felt, as described in Amanda Blake Soule‘s book, The Creative Family. My son’s birthday is in about a week and I’d better hurry up and finish it! It’s blue and cream with a mottled yellow star on the front. Then I’m going to embroider his initial on each side. Then, I just need to back it with another piece of felt and sew the elastic band on the back. He is going to wear it when we celebrate his birthday! What fun!

One Response

  1. Very cute. I can’t wait to see yours. I made crowns for the kids…knitted and felted. I got the pattern from Lion Brand. They are great except they were way too small. I had to add elastic. If anyone makes them, add 2 – 4 more peaks then they call for. They aren’t as detailed as the one you’re making…there more like the king’s everyday crown 🙂

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