Montessori aprons

J’s teacher asked me to make some things for his classroom over the summer. One of the things that I am doing is making new aprons for various themed practical life activities. She gave me an example of an apron that works well – it’s just full coverage front and back, slips over the head, no ties. Very simple. I’m just making them out of cotton and they can be washed (they have a washer/dryer at school). I asked her if she wanted me to use that iron-on vinyl to vinyl-ize them, but she assured me that cotton would work just fine. That’s fine by me!

So, I’ve started the apples apron. I just cut two pieces of fabric and then am sewing on extra wide double bias tape around the neckline and around the outside. I bought some cotton tote bag handle stuff to sew onto the shoulder area for the kids to hang up the aprons when they are done with the activity. The process is pretty easy, but I haven’t really had time to get into the project more. I think once I sit down with them though, that they will go pretty quickly. Too bad my craft room is just so hot in this heat wave that we are experiencing!

So, in the picture below, we have the apples in the back, half-finished. Then, from left to right, we have:

  • Carrots (this is Michael Miller fabric that I picked up for $2.99/yd, cute!) – for a carrot peeling activity
  • Bananas – for banana slicing
  • Pumpkins/leaves for fall-type activities
  • Strawberries – for some spring/summer type things
  • Oranges/lemons – for citrus juicer activities
  • Coffee beans – for the coffee bean grinder activity
    (the link is to a different grinder than we have in our classroom, ours is an old-fashioned wooden, drawer-type grinder)
  • Gingerbread boys/girls – for something around the holidays

Depending on the quantity of fabric that I purchased, I plan on backing the aprons in either the same fabric (as I am doing for the apples) or I also bought just some plain natural colored cotton. The Citrus was a bit spendy since I bought it at my local quilt shop, so that is definitely going to be a plain-backed one! But, it’s worth it, it’s so perfect and adorable. Thankfully, we have this cool, warehouse/overstock store here in Maine, and most of the fabric was only $2.99/yd!

I’m not sure J’s teacher knows what she is getting into by asking me to do this. I think she was thinking just apples and bananas, but then I found all these other *perfect* fabrics. She’s going to have to come up with activities for them all!!


3 Responses

  1. Those look great!

  2. Seems as if we are on the same page again. I just threw together a pattern to make painter’s smocks for a project I’m working on. From what I can tell they are very similar to yours. I can’t tell from your pic but mine have a belt that comes around from the back and velcros in the front. I plan to make a few out of cotton and a couple out of oil cloth for the really messy projects. Love the fabrics you picked out. It’s fun to do these quick, cute projects. Have fun!

  3. BTW…I just went back and looked at your links. The last thing I need in my kitchen is another gadget but I have to get a banana slicer. The kids will love it!

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