Tutorial Teaser

It’s been on my crafty to do list for a really long time: dyeing playsilks with Kool-Aid. I finally did it this weekend and made these awesome silk streamers. Just wanted to give you a teaser, and I’m planning on posting a full tutorial in the next few days.

Remember that idea I posted a few weeks ago from Soulemama? The Note Writing Ensemble. I’ve decided that I’m definitely making some of those. I think they will make wonderful teacher gifts at the holidays! I was perusing linen bias tape at Super Buzzy. Man, that store has cool stuff.

ETA: Just after I posted this, Soulemama posted a pattern and instructions for her Gratitude Wrap on her blog! Hooray! That will make things much easier. And SuperBuzzy just debuted their new blog today as well. They are giving away an awesome gift set to their 10,000th order.


2 Responses

  1. I remember one year while teaching preschool, a new student’s mother talked to me after her son had been with me for a few days. She said he loved the program but didn’t like the toys. He claimed they didn’t do anything…we had a no battery establishment! She wondered if she could donate a few toys that “did stuff”. I thanked her but told her the toys were all there by choice, as were the toys that I didn’t have. I talked to her about encouraging creativity and imagination. I told her to be a little patient. Sure enough, within a few more days the little boy was knee deep in our “do nothing” toys…and he loved them. The streamers you made are a parade, fireworks, and even a tail. They move with music or your mood. They allow children to express themselves and be creative. I encourage all parents to surround their children with “do nothing” toys and watch the magic begin! Looking forward to your directions. I’ve never made them myself.

  2. Ohh, they look like fun. The kids love our play silks. Streamer wands would be really cool. Hint, hint for a couple little girls with upcoming bdays. 😉

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