Birthday Rings

I got a Spiel & Holz birthday ring last winter, and was able to use it the first time for DS’s birthday a few months ago. He was very excited about it and enjoyed playing with the figures and blowing out the beeswax candles, etc. We have the 16 hole rainbow ring, with a star candle holder for the middle. I bought the number figures for this year’s birthday and bought two additional figures. I plan on adding a new number figure and a new regular figure each year for each child.

However, on a crafting note, I just wanted to share this idea for making one yourself instead of purchasing one. I just ran across this photo on Flickr. How cool is this birthday ring?? We already have the ring, but maybe I’ll try to make some figures for next year’s birthdays instead of buying them.

Three Sisters Toys has a nice write-up on using birthday rings in your family celebrations.

3 Responses

  1. I have been looking at these like mad over the past 24 hours, trying to decide on what to order for N's upcoming second birthday. I *love* the spiral ones that you can use for advent.. but can't swing that much money right now. It seems there are different ways to do this? Some people start with it all filled, then replace with candles? Or start with just enough candles/figures for each year & keep adding… which way do you do it?

  2. Amanda, I thought about the spiral one too because of being able to use it for advent, but I already felt like I was spending too much money so I went with the 16 hole rainbow ring. It really is gorgeous. I did not have ours filled up, and I thought it was great. I’d rather buy the figures each year so I can buy a figure that sort of holds meaning for the boys that year.

    So, my DS was 4 this summer. I had the 4 magician figure in there. Then, I had 2 other figures, and 4 beeswax candles. I had one additional candle in the star candle holder in the center. I thought it worked well, and honestly, you can do whatever you want! There’s no one way that you have to do it.

    I wish I could post a picture, but that was when my digital camera was in the shop, and the pictures are still on film that I haven’t developed. (Thanks for reminding me!)

  3. It is so cute. I like the idea of adding new figures every year that reflect your child’s interest at the time. How special and unique is that?! And I do think it would be a lot of fun to make them yourself.

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