Etsy:: Handmade Kids Contest

So, I just voted in all seven categories in the Etsy Handmade Kids Contest when I should be making my children lunch for school tomorrow. What a lot of fun and cool ideas! It was so fun to find some new sellers and get some more “hey, I could make that” ideas. (As if I needed any more of those.)

So, go vote. It was fun. Voting ends September 8th. You get a chance to win a $350 Etsy shopping spree (Holidays are around the corner!) with a vote in each of the seven categories.


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  1. Thanks for the link, Tina. I haven’t done much shopping on Etsy, but lately I’ve been going there more often. Having taken the Handmade Pledge (’m looking to Etsy to fill in some of the gaps of things I can’t make myself. (Lip glosses, jewelry, etc.) I will definetly go vote!

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