Crocheted spaceship, astronaut and aliens

I have been crocheting amigurumi recently from Ana Paula’s Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet (I will share when I have one done!), so I have been looking at other crochet ideas as well. The amigurumi are a lot of fun because it’s a bit more of an “instant gratification” thing than some big afghan or something. In any case, I just saw this link posted for a free pattern for a spaceship complete with little astronauts and aliens. How cool would this be??

Rocket Ship with Astronauts and Aliens by Elizabeth Mareno.

One Response

  1. I love the spaceship. Bug is a fan of spaceships. I’ve been buying him vintage (are things 15 years old vintage? anyway…) Fisher Price Construx. My sons loved them, and when he discovered them, Bug became a fan, too. I would love to make the spaceship but I don’t know whether or not he’d find it as cool as I do. Maybe I’ll run him by the pics and see what he thinks. Anyway, thanks for sharing a very fun link!

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