Wooden toys and scroll saws

I just found this website with instructions on how to make a wooden bird cut-out toy. Okay, I totally need a scroll saw now. I have never done any woodworking, but this looks like such a lot of fun. The hubby has promised to show me how to use it.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for sharing the website. I’ve never used a scroll saw either, but I’m willing to try. (It’s been a secret desire of mine to get a lathe!!!) I’ve been doing wood carving…got the tools for my last birthday…and I love working with wood. Very primal! Mostly been making things for the Gnome house, but the duck is sooo cute!

  2. LOL – Kim’s desire to have a lathe it not really so secret and the rest of us have flat out refused to allow her anywhere near one. After attending a trade show and seeing that all of the guys demoing the lathes were missing digits… well frankly I don’t think I need to say anything more on that.

    Have fun getting into woodworking. You guys have become so crafty since your last move.

  3. LOL. Must be the confluence of mountain and sea air. Creates a crafty-zone. It helps that the kids are getting older, and we have more room to spread out in this house. I also think the lack of seasonal change down there was disturbing our Wah.

    Kim, you want to keep your digits. Trust me. Turning wood is not worth it.

  4. Okay…I agree that getting a lathe may not be up there with my brightest ideas, but it does fascinate me. Wood in general does. I’m just as delighted taking in the aroma at a lumber yard as I am in the finest bakery! Is that strange?

  5. I love that bird! So cute. I just wanted to let you know I responded to your question on my blog. Thanks for commenting!

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