Felt play food

I went on a felt play food spree last fall and made a bunch of stuff for my younger son for Christmas. They enjoy playing with it, but they don’t play with it as much as I hoped. (The lure of Legos…) But, when they do, I’m happy to have it! I got rid of all the plastic food, and now they just have wood and felt food. The felt food is by far the cutest.

In any case, I’ve been making some wet felted wool apples as fall decorations (and for playing) which got me back into a play food kick, and was seduced into buying this pattern from UmeCrafts.

How fun does this look?! I’ve been looking at her patterns for awhile, and at only $5.90, I figured I’d spring for one and see if I liked how her patterns worked. (Gotta love a Paypal balance. It’s like free money.) She sent the pdf pattern right away, so now I just need to get started on it! Maybe tomorrow. I’ve been doing some niece birthday crafting.

If you don’t want to make your own felt play food, there are plenty of crafty, talented people selling it on Etsy. Or, my favorite place to buy felt play food, the Wool Food Market. Katie’s stuff is amazing! It’s all wet-felted and needle felted wool (which means she uses wool roving) as opposed to using wool felt sheets. We have her Easter eggs from last year, and they were so awesome to hide around the house on Easter morning. We also have a few other things, and it’s all adorable. Check out her gallery. I covet the earth layers set.


5 Responses

  1. The wool food is great. I need to commit to replacing the plastic food in our play kitchen left over from the preschool. I love the Jack-O-Lantern and goodies pattern you bought! Can’t wait to see everything made up!

  2. Oh, this is fantastic!!! You should sell it (I’d buy it!) My oldest loves to play with her food, but it’s all plastic and wooden — and who knows what kind of junk they put into these toys now??

  3. CUTE cute cute! Except that candy corn looks so yummy I’d probably try to eat it. (I eat myself sick on candy corn every fall. It’s an annual weakness.)

    I saw a little felt pumpkin kit in Oriental Trading catalog and I thought I’d try to make one. It looks like it’s just a round bean bag (or pillow) with string tied on it to make the ribs. Then you glue some green felt leaves on top. I think I might be able to do that sans pattern. Anyway, I thought I’d make one for A’s kindergarten teacher and have him write “I’m thankful you’re my teacher.” He can give it to her at Thanksgiving. (or before if I can pry myself away from the internet looking up MORE ideas…)

  4. Very cute

  5. cute pancakes!


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