Antique Finds

This past weekend, I finally made it to our local “antique mall” to check it out. Okay,…they weren’t kidding. It was five floors of antique’ing madness. I restrained myself pretty well. Came away with a just a few things. The little crocheted doilies were very cute, and I think I might use them to back some embroidery collages. Not sure yet.

The washboard is to use for wet felting wool. Last time, I used my husband’s sushi rolling bamboo mat and it smelled like sheep for a few weeks afterwards. I think he will appreciate that I bought a dedicated tool. I don’t have pictures of the other things, but my boys are into Tom & Jerry right now, so I picked up two vintage T&J comic books, just for fun. And, I found a very cool, vintage hand beater with orange Bakelite handle. J loves to cook with me, and it didn’t take more than five minutes from me arriving home that he was standing at the kitchen sink beating a bowl of soapy water with the new hand beater!

3 Responses

  1. Hi there, hope you don’t me reading your posts. Discovered via your beautiful gnomes, on your title picture. Lovely!
    Loving the picture for the washboard with the mystery model, just like the old quiz show hostesses 😉

  2. Becks, happy to see you here! LOL about my mystery model. He is always willing to humor his shutterbug mama.

  3. Love the doilies…one of these days, sigh, I’ll make some??? Still not a talent that I’ve seen surface! Also, love the blog’s new fall look. Always nice to converse with gnomes on a lovely fall day!

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