Too many puppies!

Look at these sweet things! 3.5 week old golden retriever pups.

And these little babies are only 2 weeks old. Their eyes just opened in the last few days, and they still can’t walk yet. They just sort of scoot around. And it appears that they like to sleep on top of each other. Totally cute.

We will be bringing home a little brother for Magnus the weekend of November 8th (from the second litter)! Now, we just need a name. Hubby keeps bringing up the name Grendel, but it hasn’t grown on me for the last 2 years that he has been talking about it. Today, in the car, he suggested Bear. Hmm..not sure, seems so generic. We’ll see if the boys can come up with something appropriate.

Last night, in preparation for our meeting with the puppies, we read Too Many Puppies. We love this book! It is a very sweet book about a little girl’s golden retriever, Milly, who has puppies. She wants to keep all the puppies, but her mama says that would be “too many puppies!” She doesn’t agree until the puppies get bigger and more rambunctious, and then everyone agrees that it would be “too many puppies!” Instead all the puppies get to go home to have their own families. After the puppies leave, she is sad, until she remembers the day that she brought home Milly, her sweet and wonderful “grown-up puppy.”

We are very excited about a new puppy, but Magnus will always be my first “grown-up puppy!”

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  1. Looks like Magnus has his work cut out for him…showing a new puppy the ropes! BTW…did you read Too Many Puppies to Magnus too? Have you actually picked one out or do they assign families!

  2. Magnus reads books with us at night, too. šŸ™‚ We will be able to pick one out when they get a bit older. They are too young now to have any emerging personalities. There are 11 in the litter (yikes!), but only 2 girls. We were leaning towards a boy anyway, but we are going to choose a boy so that we have more options. We are #2 in the pick order. We will go back to visit in a few weeks when they are a bit older.

  3. Ohhh… too cute. I mentioned a puppy awhile back and hubby wasn’t having anything to do with it. LOL – I don’t think Flint would handle a puppy well anyway. He tends to step on the little dogs… just no sense of personal space ;)… and we don’t want to get another one that can eat off the table!!!

    Have fun with the new puppy!

  4. Great picutres!

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