I have been so busy with guests, trips, and just regular life with two kids and work, that I have not been crafting too much. However, I have several projects that I have deadlines for (including Halloween costumes), so I need to carve out some time from somewhere. In any case, Hubby had a work retreat in Bar Harbor last weekend and I got to go along for the ride. Ahhh…Acadia National Park in the fall. How can you beat that? I bought the annual pass and we are hoping to go up again in a few weeks with the boys.

And when we came home, someone had a loose tooth and quickly became a member of the Missing Tooth Club! I had wanted to make this robot pillow to hang on the door to hold lost teeth for the tooth fairy, but this loose tooth thing came up rather suddenly. So, maybe I will complete it for Tooth #2.

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  1. Crafting is the most joyous when you’re not pressured to do it! Life comes first! Sounds like you had a great get-away! Truly beautiful surroundings! How exciting for K. to lose his first tooth. I’m sure the tooth fairy found his tooth without a special pillow, but I know he’ll love the robot for his next tooth.

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