So, the boys both decided that they wanted to be Mario for Halloween. I tried to convince one of them to be Luigi, but they weren’t going for it. So, thinking to “save” money, and based on the fact that overalls in non-toddler sizes are a bit difficult to find, I decided to make the overalls. I have never made clothes from a pattern before, and I thought a Halloween costume would be a good first project because it’s not like they have to be beautiful or anything.

So, this sounded like a good idea at the time. Actually, it’s not going too badly, I am almost done with K’s overalls and they actually look pretty good. And, it’s been a learning experience in terms of figuring out how to use a pattern. I probably should have started earlier though. Because it’s now Wednesday, Halloween is in two days, I’m not done with K’s, and I haven’t even started J’s. And now I’ve come down with a cold and feel like crap. Sigh. Why do I do this to myself?

I will definitely be sharing pictures! Ohhhh, and guess what hubby bought on Friday??! A scroll saw! So exciting! I’ve already made some birdies from that Make Baby Stuff website (when I should have been sewing overalls, but I used the excuse that I had to pre-wash the fabric first).

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  1. Ha ha! Right there with ya! I’ve got some of the pieces cut out for Aaron’s Jedi robe, but here we are, 2 days before Halloween, and I don’t have much time to sew it together! Doesn’t leave any time for goof-ups! I, too, am learning how to sew and speak the language they use on patterns.

  2. LOL…too funny in a “been there, done that” sort of way! When I think of pulling all nighters, I’ve long since stopped thinking about college days, but rather find myself remembering being up to the wee hours finishing up something for the kiddos that could have been done sooner if I wasn’t mucking about with something else;)

    Feel better. I’ve got the same creeping crud that’s going around and have been out of sorts the past few days. Without wee ones around the house I’m sure I’ve gotten way more rest than you! Glad to hear you’ve tackled patterns. Not at all as scary as them seem. Biggest challenge is getting everything back in the envelop when you’re done. Good luck and hope the family has a blast tomorrow night!

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