Scroll saw birdies

I convinced (it wasn’t too hard) my husband to buy a scroll saw a few weeks ago. I want to make little wooden toys! And, he’s always game to buy new woodworking equipment. I promptly made the little birdies described at Make-Baby-Stuff using some pine scraps that we had laying around. Then, I hand sanded them with some 150 sand paper to round the edges and corners, and to give them a nice smooth surface. It was so easy! I will admit to popping the saw blade off a few times, but it just takes practice to learn to use a new tool.

I showed them to my younger son, and he loved them. But immediately asked for a penguin. That kid loves penguins. Little does he know that I had already made one and it is currently hiding in my closet upstairs pending a matching mama penguin. I need to figure out how to finish them. I’ve been tossing a few different options around, and we’ll see what I decide to go with. Any ideas?

The pine is a bit lightweight and soft. I’d like to make some toys with some higher quality hardwood, but for now, the price is right for practicing on the pine.

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  1. Oh those are precious! I too have been drooling over the tutorials and trying to justify purchasing a scroll saw… *sigh* As for finishing, I don’t know but we just used some beeswax polish on the playstand my dad made (pine) and it looks really nice, and is nontoxic of course. I got it at nova natural.

    I can’t wait to see your penguins!!

  2. Aw, they turned out awesome! There are paint/natural finish options at the bottom of that same page for finishing ideas.

  3. I love the little birds. They look awesome. You did a great job giving them a real finished look! I think it would be fun to try some natural dyes. Teas and saffron, coffee and black walnuts comes to mine. I did that with the gnome house. There’s a lot of flowers you can use, but they are rather spars at this time of year! I also used a mixture of olive oil and beeswax to finish the wood. It was great to work with. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. My husband uses mineral oil to finish all of his wooden toys. It’s super cheap and super safe. Cute birds!

  5. Well, I’m testing out some watercolors, and then a covering of beeswax polish on some scrap wood. We’ll see how I like it. I’m also going to test out some acrylic paint. My kids are way beyond the mouthing stage anyway, so it’s not a huge concern to me.

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