Our new golden retriever puppy

I couldn’t not share this adorable picture of our new puppy! And here is also a picture of our 8yo Golden meeting the new addition. Isn’t it funny how different they look? Our 8yo Golden is bred from the field line, and has shorter hair that is very dark-colored. The new puppy is really light in color.

3 Responses

  1. So, is the 8yo just tolerating new pup, ignoring, or taking a shine to? Hope he gets some “maternal” feelings 😉 We are thinking of a new dog. Since we lost our husky, the mice have decided our garage is a great hang out. Since our little ratters…the Yorkies…don’t go out and play, and our border collie isn’t the least bit interested in the rodent population on the premise, we’re thinking another dog that likes to hang outside might be the way to go. Besides, who can resist a new puppy?! Good luck on the training!

  2. He is so cute. We have thought about a puppy too… well I have. Hubby is having nothing to do with it. Oh well, I don’t think Flint would behave with a puppy… he is too jumpy with little dogs.

    Hope Hampshire settles in nicely.

  3. Oh, so cute!!!!!! We keep thinking about and hinting about getting a puppy, someday..

    This is one sure cutie!!!

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