Scroll saw birdies

I convinced (it wasn’t too hard) my husband to buy a scroll saw a few weeks ago. I want to make little wooden toys! And, he’s always game to buy new woodworking equipment. I promptly made the little birdies described at Make-Baby-Stuff using some pine scraps that we had laying around. Then, I hand sanded them with some 150 sand paper to round the edges and corners, and to give them a nice smooth surface. It was so easy! I will admit to popping the saw blade off a few times, but it just takes practice to learn to use a new tool.

I showed them to my younger son, and he loved them. But immediately asked for a penguin. That kid loves penguins. Little does he know that I had already made one and it is currently hiding in my closet upstairs pending a matching mama penguin. I need to figure out how to finish them. I’ve been tossing a few different options around, and we’ll see what I decide to go with. Any ideas?

The pine is a bit lightweight and soft. I’d like to make some toys with some higher quality hardwood, but for now, the price is right for practicing on the pine.

Mario Costumes

Well, I completed the costumes with hours to spare. (Like about three hours, but that still works!) The boys loved them, and they got tons of compliments on them while we were out trick or treating. Everyone thought it was funny that they were BOTH Mario, but as I said, I couldn’t convince either of them to be Luigi. Luigi just isn’t as cool as Mario. I learned a few things about patterns along the way (e.g., do not expect them to be accurate nor understandable), and when they say to trim the seam allowance in the crotch area, do not listen to them. Jack had already ripped the crotch after only wearing it for three hours at school yesterday morning. Thankfully, since I had made them, I fixed it in a thrice.

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I thought to myself, “yeah, I’ll make the overalls, it will be fun.” I must have not had enough caffeine that day. It was fun to sew them, if it hadn’t been a week before the holiday and if I hadn’t had a nasty cold (that is still hanging on). It was certainly not cost-effective in any way, shape or form when you consider the value of my time, but I’ll consider it a learning experience and move on. While I didn’t find the pattern instructions intuitive at all (Burda pattern for boy’s overalls), I was able to do it, and I think I’ll be able to make my next item from a pattern with a bit more ease. It’s just practice I guess.

The hats are totally adorable, and were of course the easiest part of the costume. They are actually Patriots hats, and I just basted the felt M patch on them, so down the road, we can take off the Mario M and they will have Pats hats. Although, at least for now, they much prefer them as Mario hats than Patriots hats.

The weather was a bit cool, about 45-50 degrees, but other than that, it was perfect with little wind and a nice clear night. We ran into many of K’s friends while were out and about, and the boys had a lot of fun chatting with their friends and doing the trick or treating. Our neighborhood is quite the trick or treating mecca. Unfortunately, we live right on the edge of the neighborhood and we had not ONE trick or treater. I guess that’s not a terrible thing.

Now that Halloween is over, I’m gearing up for the holidays! Woo-hoo! I am participating in a toy swap and I’m making someone a birthday crown and some wizard wands in exchange for someone else making us a crocheted chain mail hood (similar to this). Can’t wait to see the chain mail hood. I need to get my side of the swap done in the next two weeks, so that is my project for this weekend.