Advent calendar – it will be done!

It’s moving along. I’ve finished all the pockets, embroidered numbers on them and am about to sew them to the tree base. Then, I just need to add the star at the top and the trunk, and sew on the back. And figure out how to hang it. But, as long as the pockets are on, we can start using it, right?

So, didn’t I say I was going to have 24 pockets, because why do you need a 25th one? Well, last night, I just had a few more pockets to make and so during bathtime, I asked the boys if they had any ideas for any more pockets. J said a wreath and K said a present. Well, as I was completing them, I made a present, but made a peace dove instead of a wreath. This morning, I showed them the finished pockets, and J was a bit put out that there was no wreath. He was adamant that the wreath should go right before Santa. So, I made a wreath, and now have 25 pockets!

I did not care for the embroidered snowflake that I made, so I decided that I should re-do that one. The hubby thought I should use felt instead of embroidering it. So, he made me a template, doing the old-fashioned cut-out-the-paper-to-make-a-snowflake routine. It turned out much better than the original one in my opinion. Those embroidered lines under the snowflake were sort of random.

Since I’m using wool felt, I decided to make the beard on my Santa using some wool roving and a needle felting technique. I think it turned out rather cute. I had originally had a smile on the Santa, but it just made him look creepy, so that came out. The ball on Santa’s hat is a little wool ball that I made with wool roving by wet felting it.

I think my favorite pockets are the Chickadee on the 18th and the Peace Dove on the 20th. Hubby’s favorites are the owl on the 6th and the cat on the 19th. Funny that he likes the cat because he is not a cat person at all! Okay, need to go sew on some pockets!


5 Responses

  1. Wow, that is amazing – all of it!! I really wanted to do something similar but decided my plate was too full this year so maybe next. Yours is so inspiring though. Really, it’s fabulous!

  2. WOW, Tina, it’s looking great. You’ve been very busy. I happen to be rather parital to the mouse and the mittens! But all the designs are cute! Have you gotten stuff to stick in the pockets yet? Oh, your Santa turned out great!

    BTW…to give the tree some structure…my grandmother use to use horsehair interfacing when she wanted things very stiff…like collars on coats. I did a quick google search, and although it’s not a standard stock item, I did find some at
    I personally can’t attest to its properties, but Grandma Pearl was never without it. Seems if you stuck something like that between 2 layers of felt it would probably be rigid enough.

    Good luck finishing it. It was be a wonderful keepsake. (Hmmm…perhaps you should make two 😉

  3. Looks great! You have gotten a lot done on it. I bet it was fun coming up with all the pocket designs.

    So what are you sticking in the pockets?

  4. I love it! You did such a nice job; it’s just beautiful. Something like this is definately going on my to-make list for next year. Hope your kiddos enjoy it.

  5. I love it! You did such a nice job; it’s just beautiful. Something like this is definately going on my to-make list for next year. Hope your kiddos enjoy it.

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