Swap birthday crown

Just had to share the birthday crown that I made for a handmade toy swap. I think it turned out great. It’s wool felt, and my inspiration for the sun embroidery was from the season ornaments in Doodle Stitching.

3 Responses

  1. I love this crown! It’s so bright and cheerful…what any birthday celebration should be about. I also like the fact that it can be for a girl or boy but I’m sure that was your intent! Some child is going to be very happy!

  2. It turned out very cute. Is that the swap where you are getting a crocheted chain mail in return (at least I think that is what you mentioned awhile back)?

  3. Yes, that’s the one! And it actually just came today and is totally cute! I can’t wait to have the boys try it on, but we have to wait for xmas. If they love it, I’ll make another one, but we’ll wait and see.

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