Handmade holiday To Do’s

Okay, I am feeling flustered because Christmas is getting closer and closer and my list of projects is not getting any smaller! So, what does Tina do in such situations? Write a LIST! Come on, who doesn’t love a list. These are just my crafty things to do – while I’m not doing 100% handmade holidays, I am trying to make several things for different people. I’m not going to bore you with all my other holiday to do’s which include family house guests, organizing a staff holiday party, shopping for the non-handmade presents, and all that other boring stuff.

1. Felt bird ornaments from the current, Winter issue of Living Crafts magazine. Completed! Although, I have one more red one cut out that I would like to make for myself. They are awesome.

2. Montessori apron in gingerboy/girl fabric for J’s class. Must get this one done ASAP before they have no need for it anymore! Guess I’ll be doing this one for next year.

3. Flannel pajama pants for the boys for Christmas presents. I bought three different flannel prints. A holiday penguin one for J, a sort of country snow-bear one for K, and then this super-cool black with bright green light-saber Yodas for their Christmas Eve pajama gift! I definitely need to get the Yodas done! I got mine at Jo-Anns, if you have a Yoda fan in your house. K’s are done! Hooray, so cute! Unfortunately, I did not buy enough fabric since the fabric is directional. I’m about 4 inches short on the second leg of J’s. And they didn’t have any more at my Jo-Anns. So, instead I bought some plain green flannel that sort of matches, and I’m going to put some solid green at the bottom of both legs.

4. My father in law has requested some pajama pants for Christmas. I might buy him some just in case I run out of time, but wouldn’t it be fun to make him some? So, that’s a new one that I added to my list yesterday. We’ll see. The boys picked out some fishing fabric so I am hoping to have them help me make them this weekend.

5. I am participating in the Sew Liberated Holiday Traditions exchange, so I need to get that together to mail by Friday. I need to send my swap partner a handmade ornament, a favorite recipe, and a write-up about a favorite holiday tradition. And any other little goodies that I feel like. Completed!

6. Mother-in-law’s scrapbook. I maintain a scrapbook (8×8 size) of my boys for Grandma. I have totally slacked in this department, and the last page in her scrapbook is from January 2007. Yes, 2007. So, I ordered a bunch of photos from Shutterfly, and now I need to get to work!

7. Food gifts #1: LollyChops Chocolate Cobbler. Completed! Although, I need to make one more for K’s teacher. Very quick to put together.

8. Food gifts #2: Tina’s homemade bbq rub. I made a huge batch of my special barbeque rub, but now I need to package it up (I bought these great little tins), and write up a few recipes for how you can use the rub. (pulled pork, ribs, on flank steak for fajitas) Completed! I am planning on writing this up and sharing it very soon, hopefully.

9. Finish my glass marble magnets. They just need the magnets on the back! Almost done, have glued the magnets on and they are currently drying downstairs on the work bench.

Okay, I think there is more, but I’m already feeling overwhelmed. So, what are you crafting for the holidays? Anything fun? I was vaguely considering making handmade holiday cards this year, but after seeing this list, and counting up my card list at 100 families, I’m off to make a quickie Shutterfly card! Shutterfly cards arrived. However, I’ve decided that these are going to become New Years cards as I would rather finish my Christmas presents and send the cards out late.

Updated, Friday, December 20, 6:48pm

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  1. Good luck, Sweetie! I have the same kind of list, AND I went out today and bought yarn for the owl mittens. Not smart, right? I have this silly afghan that should have been finished this past summer but I didn’t. Now I figured out I have 10 rows to knit each day in order to have it done before company shows up. I’m giving my friends a recipe with this wonderful rub that I have to have made by Monday, when everyone is coming here for dinner. And I finished the hobby horse heads but now have to figure out how to attach them! Do you have to remind yourself to breath sometimes? Ho, ho, ho, right? I know it’s crazy but enjoy. Even in the crunch, I still enjoy crafting! Good luck getting everything done.

  2. Wow! I wish I were on your list — I’d love the BBQ rub, and everything else!!! 🙂

  3. Wow! I wish I were on your list — I’d love the BBQ rub, and everything else!!! 🙂

  4. Tina, you are now officially my hero… I’ve just read through most of your blog posts, you are amazing… I’m inspired!

  5. Yeah, I am having the same issue with my list not dwindling!! Yikes!! 2 weeks and that’s about it…

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

    Happy Crafting!! 🙂

  6. […] bird was based off the pattern that Living Crafts magazine had in their winter issue last year (last year, I made them with regular wool felt as Peace Dove bird ornaments for Montessori teacher gifts for […]

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