Snow Day!

We have a snow/freezing rain day today, so the boys are home from school. Unfortunately, I have some work to accomplish so I can’t take a totally free day. Thankfully, the hubby had scheduled to have this day off already (even though he went into the office this morning anyway! but was thankfully back home by 10am). However, I am hoping to quickly finish my work, and then work on my felt birds from Living Crafts. I am almost finished with the first, and it’s very cute. My friend in California requested a red one, so I will need to work on that and get it out to her on Monday, considering how slow mail seems to be this time of year.

Hubby is in the kitchen making “charms”, AKA Russian Tea Cakes. We are using the recipe from one of my fave baking books, In The Sweet Kitchen: The Definitive Baker’s Companion which includes the addition of maple syrup. How can you go wrong with maple syrup? I just got a taste test of the dough. Yummy! I’m glad that I planned ahead and had some awesome Tierra Farms pecans in the freezer downstairs.

I am also planning on packaging up my spice rubs this afternoon. And then we have a holiday party tonight, which should be a good time. I will hopefully be sharing some pictures of the finished birdies later today/tomorrow!! No plans this weekend, other than tonight’s holiday party, so I am planning on cranking out a lot of these projects this weekend. Wish me luck!

2 Responses

  1. Hope your party turned out great! Perhaps we can exchange rub recipes. I handed several of mine out last night. Had our annual Girls Night Out dinner at my house and gave some, in adjustable cap shakers.

    Want to know how the maple Russian teacakes turned. They sound yummy! Hope your Christmas crafting is almost done!

  2. Kim, I would love to exchange rub recipes. I am actually hoping to write a post on it very soon, as a friend of mine has asked for the recipe.

    The cookies are awesome. Hubby made them on Sunday, and they were still yummy when I ate one this morning (Friday). Not quite as dry as the other recipe that we use (old, family recipe, sorry!).

    As to the rest of my Christmas crafting, I am sorely behind. I guess what gets done, gets done. Grandma and Grandpa are here, so maybe I can get a bunch done this weekend.

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