Gingerbread houses

Okay, making up for lost time here. I haven’t really had time to blog the last week or so. I’ve been too busy making my Christmas presents. Well, I’m still too busy making my Christmas presents, but am enjoying taking a break and writing up a few blog posts.

Today’s Advent activity was making gingerbread houses. This is something that we do every year. Before we moved, it was a big family event at Gramma Flo’s house. Well, no longer the huge family event, but we still do it of course. Usually Gramma Flo has everything ready. The houses are pre-made, all the candy is laid out in bowls, and we just have to decorate! Wow, that is a lot easier than the DIY route. I used the Wilton Deluxe Gingerbread house kit. No way was I making that gingerbread. You can’t eat a bit of it, don’t try. But, it’s really just for decoration anyway. The kids eat some of the candy while they are decorating the house, but that’s it. I don’t let them eat the candy once it’s on the house.

It actually wasn’t too hard to put together, and I didn’t wait the prescribed times on the box, but it still turned out fine. I was actually quite impressed by the boys. They did a great job. K was very particular about making sure everything was a pattern. The M&Ms on the roof were blue/red/blue/red, etc. There is definitely not enough candy in the box to decorate. So we sent Grandpa out in the Nor’easter to pick up some candy from the drug store. He came home with M&Ms, marshmallows, jelly bellys, and white chocolate covered pretzels, and it was perfect, along with the candy included in the box.

I was in charge of the royal icing, and they just told me where to put it. That stuff is too sticky-gooey to let the kids have a go! Although, I did let J do a few when he asked. I was careful to only put it where they asked, and not make any decorating suggestions. So, these are all of their own creation.

Today was “penguin” day on the Advent calendar. J requested that there be three clues in today’s Advent calendar. So, the first clue sent them upstairs to look “under the TV”. And, there was hidden some of the candy wrapped up. Then, a clue at that point said to go look “in the hall table”. There was more wrapped candy. Next clue sent them back upstairs to look “under J’s bed” where I had the wrapped gingerbread houses. They were so excited! We had a lot of fun and they turned out great.

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