Star Wars Yoda Pajamas

Check these out! I’m so excited about them. I bought the flannel at Jo-Anns, but they don’t have it anymore. As I discovered yesterday when I didn’t have enough for leg 2 of J’s pants, and I tried to find some. I bought some plain green flannel and was going to make cuffs, but decided that it would look funny. Instead, I just pieced some scraps to the bottom and because of the black color, you can hardly tell.

Then, the coolest part is that I cut out some of the pictures from the flannel and appliqued them on the black t-shirts! K’s looks a little different because I was being lazy and didn’t swap my needle in my machine for a ball point needle. BIG MISTAKE! It totally ate up the knit t-shirt fabric as I was appliqueing and it took me about 20 minutes to get all the garbage out of my machine. So, then I switched out for a ball point needle and it was 100x easier. I won’t do that again! I added the little Yoda at the bottom to hide the hole.

If you’ve never appliqued on a t-shirt, all you do is use some Heat & Bond Lite. Iron it to the fabric, then cut out your shape. Remove the paper and place on your t-shirt (or whatever fabric). Iron again (with a damp press cloth, but the Heat & Bond comes with directions). Then, I just sew a small zip zag around the outer edge of the applique. So easy! I made these t-shirts in about 30 minutes (if you don’t count the needle extravaganza).

These are going to be their Advent present on Christmas Eve. They are going to be so excited!! While the black flannel may not have been the best choice considering our two golden retrievers, they are still ultra-cool. No worries, we are used to having dog hair all over the place.

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  1. These are great! I’ll have to figure out what a ball needle is. 🙂 I was going to make some Star Wars pillowcases for my nephews and couldn’t find ANY Star Wars fabric anywhere this fall. It seems they sell out of it quickly once they get it in. I made Aaron some space pjs and Spencer some dino pjs in October (they’re on my blog) and they turned out huge. Once I find some more Star Wars fabric, I’ll have to snap it up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, these are so awesome! I know a big guy who’d love these, too … man, oh, man I totally need to make 2009 the year I conquer my fear of the sewing machine.

    Inspiring, as always!

  3. […] until the 24th. However, the 24th is always my special gift of handmade pajamas. Last year, I made Yoda pajamas that the boys loved. This year, I went more traditional, and made pajamas out of blue snowmen. I […]

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