Little books

I love these little books from Glittergoods. I started making them for my boys after I saw someone post about them on a forum sometime last fall. The boys love them and they are so easy to make. I make them in two sizes. One which takes a whole 8.5×11 piece of cardstock and folds it in half, and the other which is half of that, which cuts the cardstock in half (8.5×5.5) and then folds in half. I’m all about making minimum paper cuts! I have tons of scrapbooking supplies which makes quick work of cutting the cardstock and paper. I have actually been using old company letterhead for the inside pages (heck, it’s even recycling!) but that is almost gone, so I’ll have to start using printer paper or something else soon.

The tutorial on Glittergoods is great and really no further explanation is necessary. These books are good for just about anything. I like to choose light colored cardstock for the covers since then the boys can draw on the cover for their story. Sometimes the boys help me make them by choosing the cardstock colors and the embroidery floss binding color that they want for their books. I usually make these in an assembly line process and make a bunch at one time so that the boys always have some available for their creative endeavors.

They were also a perfect addition to the art boxes that I made for the cousins’ Christmas gifts! They fit perfectly into the totes, and I got to use some pink cardstock, LOL.

Oh, and I just have to share the wrapped version of the art box. The fabric is a blank playsilk, 30×30, that I got from Dharma Trading and then dyed with grape Kool-Aid. Then, I used the furoshiki wrapping techniques to wrap up the art box. I was so proud of it, LOL. Not just fabric, but a playsilk! I talked about dyeing playsilks at this post.

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  1. I still have several of those books my children created when they were young. They “keep” so well! It makes what you’re writing seem so much more important if it is in a book. (I suppose the appeal of journals in general.) Great idea to keep a bunch on hand for those creative bursts!

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