Playsilk Rainbow Canopy

So, I’ve seen these playsilks dyed in rainbow colors. I’ve read various ideas about how to achieve that, and most involved separating like you do with tie-dye, dipping into various colors, etc. Actually, here is a pretty awesome photo tutorial for making one by laying it out and spooning the dye on. It looks great and the tutorial makes it look so easy. I might have to try it.

In any case, since I really like my method with Kool-Aid and the microwave, I was thinking about how could I get a big rainbow playsilk using the microwave/Kool-Aid way. So, I bought three of the 14 x 72 inch silk scarves (Habotai silk, 8mm) from Dharma Trading. My plan was to dye each one separately and then sew them together. It worked marvelously! Woo-hoo! An idea that works! Dyeing takes about 5 active minutes, and sewing the three together took me about 10 minutes.

I only bought three, so I did the “Green, Blue, Indigo/Violet” part of ROY-G-BIV. Since this little experiment has worked, I’m going to be buying some more to do the ROY (Red, Orange, Yellow). I may need to play around with the yellow a bit since last time I used lemonade, it didn’t turn out very yellow, more like cream. Someone suggested adding a few drops of yellow food coloring to the lemonade. Hmmm….might have to buy some little 11 x 11 inch ones to do some test colors on. A lot of people buy acid dyes from Dharma and use those to dye their playsilks. I’m sure I will have to try that one day. The colors are a lot more vibrant. But, for now, I’m happy with my Kool-Aid.

I ran out of Grape Kool-Aid, and J was helping me and wanted to do it right now and not wait for me to go to the store another day, so we created purple using Cherry and Ice Blue Lemonade. Works great! And the boys loved watching the red and blue mix together to make purple! I’ve actually done a side-by-side comparison of a Cherry/Ice Blue mixture compared to just Grape, and they are almost exactly the same color.

I used 3 packets of Lemon-Lime for the Green, 3 packets of Ice Blue Lemonade Twisters for the blue, and 2 packets Cherry/2 packets Ice Blue Lemonade for the purple.

The boys love to turn their bunk beds into a “fort”, which was the impetus for this little project. They were so excited when they got home from school and I had it hanging up! (Ignore J’s unmade bed there…)

5 Responses

  1. I love, love, love this! Nice job.

  2. Thanks JoAnn! I can’t wait to get more silks so I can make a R-O-Y side.

  3. I love how it turned out. I’m sure the boys are excited to get the other silks so they can totally close in their fort/cave…whatever! Will you sew all 6 of the silks together or leave 2 sections with 3 panels a piece for in and out? Your tutorial on dying the silks is great, too!

  4. My original plan was to sew all six the silks together, but once I put up the three on their bunk bed, I changed my mind. Because of the posts in the guard rail, I think it would be easier to have two different sections, and then also, it could be how they get in and out without pulling it down. I’m glad you like the tutorial Kimara! They really are so fun and easy to dye.

  5. Fun project. The play silk are always a favorite around here. I’m sure the boys love their beds being turned into a secret fort.

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