Baby quilts

Sorry I have been so MIA. Not a ton of crafting going on recently. I’ve been busy with that job-thing. But, heck, without the job-thing, the crafting-thing would have to be sorely curtailed! I did find a very fun looking baby quilt pattern while blog-surfing last week. The Simple Modern Baby Quilt by OhFransson on Etsy. I just love it! And I especially love the cute applique. I’ve reviewed the pattern and purchased my fabric, and I can’t wait to get started on some baby quilts for friends.

My main fabric is going to be Alexander Henry’s 2D Zoo, which I bought in primary and sage from Fabric Closet on Etsy, along with a bunch of other cute half-yards and fat quarters that will hopefully all coordinate.

The fabric arrived extremely quickly, and it’s already washed and folded and ready to start arranging and cutting! I’ve been looking for an excuse to buy that 2D Zoo fabric forever! I also got some Sandi Henderson Farmers Market which is just as cute as her Ginger Blossom line, I’m happy to report (but you probably all knew this already). I am hoping to get started on the piecing this weekend, so I’ll keep you updated. I need to run to my local quilting store to find some solid-ish fabric to coordinate with the 2D Zoo. Thankfully, our quilting store has a great selection, so I’m not too worried about finding something.

2 Responses

  1. Extremely cute quilt. And I love, love, love the 2D Zoo fab. Have you decided which animal you are going to applique on yet or are you doing multiple ones? Can’t wait to see it done! When do you NEED to have it finished? I’m procrastinate so much that I usually don’t tackle projects like that til the 11th hour!

  2. Hey, gifts are gifts, right? They get it when they get it! No, but one baby is due in March and another in May. I’m definitely doing one giraffe with the primary 2D Zoo, and I was considering doing a cat with the sage. I’m hoping to organize my fabrics tonight. I bought the solid color for the alternating blocks today, and a brown polka dot for the binding. I’m not sure I like the solid I chose though, I need to lay them out and see if I like it. If not, back to the quilt store tomorrow morning!

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