Spring-time Montessori apron

I whipped up another Montessori apron for J’s class on Sunday night. Isn’t this one cute?! Check out that adorable carrot fabric from Michael Miller fabrics. I used a light green double fold bias tape for the outside, and a cream color for the neckline. It’s double-sided, so both sides have the same fabric. The twill tape strips on the shoulders are so the kids can hang up the apron by themselves. J’s teacher plans to use it in a practical life activity related to cutting carrots, I think.

3 Responses

  1. Hi, I really like the aprons you’re making for your son’s class! My niece is in a Montessori program and I was thinking about trying to make a few water aprons for the group, (although my sewing skills are, ah, underwhelming). Do you have a pattern that you use for yours? Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    • Emily – I plan on writing up a pattern/tutorial for the aprons. Another teacher at school was asking for a tutorial so she can give it to another parent to make some for her class. I’ll put that high on my priority list and let you know! They are actually quite easy and a good beginning sewing project. If you want to make them water aprons, you might try buying some iron-on vinyl which would make them water repellent. (You iron the vinyl onto your cute fabric and then sew from there.)

  2. […] I promised J’s Montessori teacher some new aprons.  I’ve been completing them a little bit at a time.  Well, it’s now a new school year, and J was headed off to 1st grade down the […]

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