Sewing Green

Betz White’s new book, Sewing Green, arrived today!!! Fun! She also wrote Warm Fuzzies, which I keep raving about and is making me a regular at Goodwill. (And see her blog for the free pattern for the cashmere bunny that I made last week.)

I’ve just started looking through it, but there’s a pattern for making a sandwich wrap! Fun! (We have two Wrap-n-Mats that I use religiously in the boys’ lunches, but some new patterns that I’ve made myself would be fun.) And some cool napkins, totes, aprons, and even a make your own auto sunshade using Capri Sun boxes. I’m going to pass on that one since I don’t buy juice boxes in any form, so I’m not sure how I’d ever accumulate all those Capri Sun boxes.

There is an absolutely adorable picnic blanket made from cast-off towels, a skirt for you made with a pillowcase(!) and a cute toddler pillowcase dress as well. Hey, find some matching vintage pillowcases, and you could match your skirt with your toddler’s dress. Cute? You decide. Probably depends on the pillowcase.

There is an apron made from an old men’s dress shirt. We have tons of those around here! I must try that one out! The hubby seems to go through dress shirts quite quickly for some reason. Oooh….I just found a pattern for making slippers from a felted wool sweater. Cool!

So far the book looks great. I’ll let you know more after I make some things. But, great photos, and nice text. And who doesn’t like the idea of re-purposing old stuff laying around your house into something useful and new?

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