Seeds and Spring — and my 100th post!

I should probably do something special for my 100th post, but what am I talking about instead? My seeds! I got my Johnny’s order today and I’m so happy and excited. I can’t wait to start planting! Unfortunately the peas that I wanted were all out of stock. Boo! I should have ordered earlier. And my substitute is back-ordered but should arrive next week. They are going straight into the ground as soon as they arrive!

We’ve got sugar snap peas, snow peas, pole beans, bush beans, zucchini, yellow squash, a variety of lettuces include arugula (yum!), cukes, and four types of tomatoes. The hubby also ordered sunchokes that we are going to plant out along the power line when they arrive in the fall. If you’ve never had sunchokes (or Jerusalem artichokes as they are also called), you should try them. They are little tubers, and their look like big sunflowers. Tasty.

Looking at my itemized list here, I just realized that I totally forgot to order the herbs! Doh! I will have to rectify that tomorrow. I also picked up this very nice-looking compost crock for our countertop. We are currently using a stainless bowl, and I’d like my bowl back.

Have you read this far? I think a 100th post calls for something special, like a……GIVEAWAY! But what should I giveaway? What are you coveting that I can make you? Let me know! Birthday crown, baby blanket, free fabric, gnomes??????

5 Responses

  1. ok, I want an Cooking apron for SB!

  2. Oooh, good one Beth! I was driving home from school this morning contemplating making a baby blanket with cotton or flannel on one side, and Kool-Aid dyed silk on the other. Wouldn’t that be cute?

  3. Hmmm, I was thinking an apron also for K & T. You didn't specify if it would be the first comment or a randomly generated one!

  4. No worries, Shoofly! I’m just looking for ideas! I will dedicate a whole post to the idea with specifics so no one misses out. Aprons seem like a popular idea.

  5. First off… congrats on 100. Geeze… where does the time go? Michelle, the boys and I went out and got seeds packets and potato seeds. We are building a potato planter I saw and which pointed me to, which has now become a favorite site! I love the counter compost bin. I have one that looks like an old bean crock. The only problem is I feel they don’t hold enough. After Sunday dinner I’m usually putting overflow in other containers to take out to the back forty!

    As for suggestions… I’ve been lusting after your little wood birdies since you made them. I LOVE THEM! But then, I love everything you make!

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