Coffee bean Montessori apron

Montessori coffee bean apron

Montessori coffee bean apron

This apron was made for a coffee bean practical life activity.  The kids love to grind coffee beans.  There is a 6.5yo girl in my son’s class and she came up to me the other day and exclaimed emphatically, “Tina!  This is my favorite apron that you have made!”  So cute.  I’m actually perfecting my technique and I think this is the best looking apron that I’ve made yet!  Only took me 5 aprons to figure out that dang double-fold bias tape.

I asked J to do the coffee bean grinding work this morning when I dropped him off so I could take a picture of the set-up.  Doesn’t it look fun?  They save the coffee grounds in the glass jar, and use them for the Mother’s Day Tea.

Coffee bean grinding work at Montessori

Coffee bean grinding work at Montessori

J doing the coffee bean grinding work

J doing the coffee bean grinding work

It is wonderful to watch them do their work with such deliberation and care.  He put the apron on, went over to wash his hands, made sure to take just “one scoop” of beans.  Turned the grinder, opened the drawer, dumped the beans into the glass jar, screwed back on the lid, wiped the grinder bowl with a small sponge, and then folded the apron up and put it back on the towel rack.  He was even careful to make sure the grinder was lined up properly on the tray for the next person.  So cute!

6 Responses

  1. Very cute apron. Are you going to do a tutorial on them? (I don’t think you’ve done one on them.) Anyway, you should be an expert by now! I remember all that fabric you bought last year for aprons. How many more to go? The whole coffee grinding station is great. Love fresh ground coffee. Have a lovely Mother’s Day and enjoy your coffee!

    • Hmmm….does anyone want a tutorial? They are great little aprons because of the full coverage and it’s so easy for the kids to put them on all by themselves. And if you wanted them not to be shifty, you could easily add a velcro belt like thing to close the apron a bit. (Which J’s Montessori teacher didn’t want.) I love the loops in the shoulders which allow the kids to hang them up easily. You know, I’m not sure how many aprons I have left to make! I know I haven’t made the one with the strawberry fabric or the orange/lemon fabric.

  2. Do you know where to get a coffee grinder like that by any chance?

  3. angry chicken has a great bias tape tutorial on her site. your aprons are so cute@

  4. […] I promised J’s Montessori teacher some new aprons.  I’ve been completing them a little bit at a time.  Well, it’s now a new school year, and J was headed off to 1st grade down the […]

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