My first curtain!

My in-laws are visiting and I wanted to spruce up the guest room a bit before they arrived. I made a new valance for the window, and painted a white mirror that we have a pretty apple green color to match the quilt on the bed. This was the first curtain I’ve ever made! I was very proud of it, even though I know it’s rather simple. I even lined it and didn’t even use a pattern.

IMG_2942 (1024x768)

Guest room

Guest room valance

Guest room valance

See!  Valance lining!

See! Valance lining!


4 Responses

  1. Ooh very pretty 🙂 Good job!

  2. Those turned out so cute! The room looks so light and cheery! I’m sure the in-laws enjoyed their stay. (Okay, maybe the grandbabies had something to do with it… but I’m sure the curtains were a part of it!)

  3. Good job. That fabric is really cute.

  4. CUTE fabric! Good job with the curtain! I started with “straight” stuff like curtains and pillowcases. Haven’t moved on much beyond that as far as sewing is concerned. Although I did make a few Christmas gifts with patterns from Wee Folk Art. Thanks for introducing me to that site!!

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