Quickie tied quilt – US Map

US Map tied quilt

US Map tied quilt

I bought a US Map illustrated panel at Jo-Anns a long time ago with the thought to make a quick little quilt/blanket for the boys.  Well, the panel is one yard, so I bought one yard of backing material.  Wrong!  It wouldn’t fit because the widths weren’t right, so you need to buy 1.5 yards of backing and turn it.  Okay, so months later, I finally had J pick out new backing, and I sewed it together last night.  I just did a quick inside out quilt sandwich, turned it inside out, top stitched it around the outside, and then tied the quilt in a few places with embroidery floss.  Nothing fancy, but I think the boys will like the map!  J, especially, really likes maps.  Must be that Montessori influence.  It might make a nice playmat for playing with animals and guys.  I guess we’ll see how they like it when they come home from school!

J putting together the world map puzzle

J putting together the world map puzzle

2 Responses

  1. The colors are fantastic… as are the pics. I’m sure they’ll have many adventures with their animals crossing the country!

  2. We have that puzzle! 🙂

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