Hatching of the baby robins

On Friday, the first baby robin hatched, and the other hatched today.  I haven’t taken pictures today, but here is what Baby Robin #1 looked like!  My favorite bird research website is the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.  Here is their robin page.  Standard clutch size is 3-5 eggs, but our nest only has two eggs.

Hatched baby robin

Hatched baby robin

Brand new baby robin

Brand new baby robin

Mama!  I want food!

Mama! I want food!

3 Responses

  1. Very cool. We have a robin’s nest above our kitchen window in a pine tree… but unfortunately we can’t see into it. The Robin’s nest we were able to see last year only had two babies as well.

  2. oh, so sweet. What a rare experience. I once came across a site that had photo documented the nest and hatchings of baby hummingbirds. So amazing.

  3. what great pictures. thanks for sharing

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