Freezer paper stencils for camping 2009

Moose freezer paper stencil shirt

Moose freezer paper stencil shirt

Last year, I made freezer paper stencils of bears for our first annual camping trip with our good friends.  I created a tutorial for it, if you want to check it out.  This year, we planned to go back to the same campground (even the same sites!), and the boys decided that they wanted moose this year.  They turned out great.  Our camping trip, not so much.  We have had the rainiest/coldest summer here in Maine, and it rained all day on the Saturday of our trip.  We decided to cancel, and we had a sleepover at our friend’s house instead.  We did a nice climb up Mt. Battie in Camden Hills State Park on Friday,  had sleepover on the rainy Saturday, and then went with them on Sunday to a state park on the ocean to have some cold swimming (ocean temp was 53 degrees that day!).  When the Best Hikes With Kids book tells you that a climb is “moderate,” listen to them. I think it’s a great book, and the boys were able to do the hike, but it wasn’t easy by any means. Goes from 200ft to 800ft in half a mile. The boys felt very accomplished!  K was like a mountain goat (he’s almost 7), it was a bit harder for J who is just five.

Climbing Mt. Battie

Climbing Mt. Battie

Climbing Mt. Battie, Camden Hills State Park

Climbing Mt. Battie

Reid State Park

Reid State Park

A small update to the tutorial however.  I once again used the Tulip Soft paint.  On the bottle, it had some additional instructions that I didn’t remember from last time.  It said to hold a steaming iron about 2 inches above the image for about 10 seconds.  I wasn’t sure what this was for since it didn’t give any further information.  I didn’t think it was required for setting the image because it didn’t state that, but I wasn’t sure what would happen when you did it.  So I decided to try it.  It made the image all puffy and three dimensional.  So, now we have 3-D moose!

All four of the boys really love their 2009 shirts, even if we didn’t actually go camping.  They all still wear their bear shirts from last year too!  I love it when you can see how appreciated your crafting efforts are.

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  1. LOVE the moose! Sorry the weekend weather thwarted your original plans, but seems like you recovered nicely and had a wonderful time! I love the the looks of the freezer paper stencils, but I just can’t bring myself to spend all that time cutting out the freezer paper just to throw it out after 1 use! I cut my teeth on Mylar stenciling, and love the ability to reuse the stencil, but I love how crisp the edges of the freezer paper stencils are. It’s a shame I’m so lazy!!! (Is it just me or do you see a resemblance between J and Bug? The pic of him climbing Mr. Battie is very Bug like to me!)

    • If it was a simpler design, then I think you could use it more than once. It’s just the intricate little cuts that tend to tear when you try to pull it off. It actually doesn’t take too long to cut them out. Maybe 10 minutes for this moose. What I also did was since the kids wear different sizes, I made the moose different sizes, enlarging the drawing on my copier/printer. I’d like to tie-dye shirts and then do a freezer paper stencil picture on top of that. Wouldn’t that be cool?

    • Oh, and yes, sometimes I do think that J and Bug look similar. But, then other times, I think Bug looks so much like Michelle!

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