More tote bags!

I made some more tote bags for my friend’s girls.  This time I appliqued their initials on the front.  The pink one didn’t really have too high of a contrast unfortunately, but it’s still cute.  Note to self….always use stabilizer behind the applique.  I tried to short-cut on the first one, and I shouldn’t have.

IMG_4208 (768x1024)

IMG_4209 (768x1024)

I put in some Flower Fairy books (coloring and paper dolls) as part of the present too.  I’m sure they will love them!

Based on the same tutorial from Skip to my Lou, I also made a similar tote with some linen, applique and sketchy stitching as part of a contribution to the handmade craft swap at Alewives Fabric last week (amazing! super fun!).  I can’t wait to share that with you!   I loved how it turned out.  However, I can’t share those pictures until I find my camera cord.  We are installing new wood floors in my office, and I had to empty out the entire messy room.  So, my camera cord is in a box somewhere.  Hopefully the floors, etc. will be done soon and I can unpack that box.  We also painted the room a really pretty yellow and I’m so excited to get back in there and get re-organized!

5 Responses

  1. Very cute! It’s so wonderful to make gift “wrappings” become part of the gift. I love the fabrics. I made Fairy’s “special dress” last year out of the pinks, but the purples are great! So many fabrics… so little time. Anyway… how exciting on the office. It’s always so rewarding to get our work areas organized and personal!

  2. Beautiful bags and yummy paella, you’re my kind of girl! Thanks for dropping by my blog to make a guess about our fist egg…we’re waiting with excitement!

  3. What wonderful totes. I just found your blog – now I will go back to exploring it.

  4. came to your site via saw this top post mention Mardens and thought “could it be the discount store in maine?” I live in L.A. but grew up in Waterville. Just made me smile! I’ll be back there in a few weeks and will have to hit up ol’ mardens and see if I can score any cool fabric like you were able too.
    kind regards.

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