Halloween House Craft-Along

Paper mache houses -- Star Wars guys not included

Paper mache houses -- Star Wars guys not included

So, anyone want to craft-along with me as I make a Halloween House(s)?  Last year, Sarah at The Small Object posted the cutest Halloween house project and I’ve been thinking about doing it ever since.

I bought the paper mache houses from Craftsetc.com.  I tried to find them locally at Michaels or ACMoore, but I couldn’t locate any.  Maybe now that it is closer to the holidays, they will be stocking these types of things.  Not sure!  The set came with three sizes, I got them on sale for about $8, but regular price is $12.  The boys already saw them and think that I should decorate the big one, and they get the medium and small ones.  The big one is a perfect size for the man wooden dolls (2 3/8″).  You can get those at lots of craft stores, or online at Casey’s Wood.  And I’d think the little boys size at 1-11/16″ would be good for the smaller houses.  I’m planning on turning the people into mummies, witches, who knows what.  I also really want to make the cool poseable skeletons that Sarah also posted a tutorial about on The Small Object.  I also bought some doll pins and stands, and I might make some sort of spooky painted dolls too.  Who knows?!

Follow along and see what happens!

5 Responses

  1. What a great idea!!

  2. I love this idea but I never have any where to store stuff like this in the “off season”. Do you?
    (Star Wars guys are a nice touch BTW. I think you should let the kids recreate a battle scene from Clone Wars.)

    • Hmmm…hadn’t really thought about off-season storage to be honest! Although definitely a good point. We are lucky enough that our new house has tons of storage. Way more than our old house, so I really don’t have a problem with that. Sometimes, actually there is too much storage (is that possible?) so I’m not sure where I’ve put something!

  3. I just want to buy one set, because I need the largest size one. But everywhere I see I have to purchase multiple sets….. ??? help with this?

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