Halloween Houses, Part 1

IMG_4975 (1024x768)
IMG_4976 (1024x768)

Houses painted inside and out

Houses painted inside and out

Step 1 is completed.  The houses are all painted (standard, black acrylic paint) inside and out, and are now dry.  I did help the boys out and touched up their houses after they had gone to bed.  But, now what, you ask???

The boys are very excited about decorating their houses!  You should have heard them in the car on the way home from school.  They were listing off all the little characters that they could make to live in the houses.  Ghosts, skeletons, headless horsemen, mummies, zombies, Frankenstein, witches, etc.  They have very grandiose plans!  I guess we’ll see how it all turns out.  So far, I’m thinking the following:

1) Cover the inside of some of the window with black crepe paper.  DH had the great idea to buy a flickering battery-powered tea light for inside.  Ooh, spooky!  And then board up some of the windows with popsicle sticks.

2) Thought I would make a few  little pumpkins, maybe find some mini hay bales, etc., to decorate the outside.

3) Mummies! Similar to the ones on Wee Folk Art.

4) Spooky poseable skeleton guys and walking ghosts a la The Small Object.

5) I’m going to try to make a witch out of a clothespin doll.  We’ll see.  I had the idea to make a little witch’s broom using a fallen stick and some raffia or something.  Who knows?

6) I think I might be able to cobble together a Frankenstein likeness with a little wooden gnome guy, painted green with maybe a brown tunic/pants made out of felt.

7) Oh and I want to do something to the roof.  Sarah at The Small Object put black glitter glass on the roof which looked super-cool.  But, I might just try regular black glitter if I can find it locally somewhere.

8) And I think I might Kool-Aid dye some silk scarves in browns and dark greens to function as the base for the houses (or maybe use tea/coffee for the brown ones since brown Kool-Aid is hard to find here, however I have heard of a brown Kool-Aid flavor in Mexico).  The boys want to make spooky trees too, and we’ll need to figure out some spider webs to throw in there.  (And sort of as an aside, check out this thread on Mothering where someone dyed wool yarn with black beans!  Super cool colors.)

4 Responses

  1. I see why the boys are so excited about these. They are so cool. I see giant Halloween spiders attacking! Looking forward to where their imagination takes them!

  2. This looks like a fun project. It will be interesting to see what the boys (and you) come up with for the details.

  3. What a great project. Did you make the houses or did you buy them ready to paint?

    • The houses are a pressed cardboard / paper mache type thing. I tried to find them locally unsuccessfully, so I bought them at Craftsetc.com for about $8-9 on sale (normally $12, see the link in the post). They were really easy to paint with just regular acrylic paint.

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