Roasted cabbage soup

Carmelizing the onions and leeks, cabbage is roasting in the oven

I combined two of my favorite Christmas gifts into this yummy pot of soup the other day.  The recipe was from the book  Love Soup.  It was so incredibly stellar.  I’m not sure why I chose that soup to make first with my new book, but it seemed to call to me.  I’m not normally fond of cooked cabbage, but roasting the cabbage first made a huge difference.  I can’t wait to try more soup recipes from this book!  We are looking to eat less meat and more fish and vegetable dishes, and I thought soup would be a good way to do this.  The soup plus a loaf of the hubby’s homemade bread made a great dinner.  Unfortunately, the kids don’t really like soup, but I’ll keep giving it to them and hopefully their taste buds will develop.  I’m impressed by the progress my 7yo has made with trying new food (he says his favorite foods are “pink fish” i.e., salmon, shrimp, and “critters”, i.e., mussels) in the last year, so maybe soup will be next!

I also got hubby some vital wheat gluten and diastatic malt powder for Christmas and he added them to his standard “almost no knead” bread recipe (that we cook in a preheated dutch oven).  Check out the rise on that baby!  The addition of the vital wheat gluten made a huge difference.  He says he’s a convert!

Loaf without "stuff" is on the right

2 Responses

  1. Tina, used to use the original Veg Epicure books all the time… her recipes are usually good… soup is definitely the thing… especially this time of year!

  2. Okay… so, it’s almost dinner, and I’m waiting for Tim, and I’m really, really hungry BUT your bread and soup would sound delicious even if there wasn’t a rumbly in my tummy! Going to check out the your new book. I could live on soup!!! And we were just talking about more meatless or less meat dinners!

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