Bendy dolls

My doll -- front -- she is 2.5" tall

I bought some dolls from Princess Nimble Thimble’s fabulous shop as Christmas gifts for the nieces/nephew (and one for me! how can you resist?).  I shared them with one of my crafty friends who attends the monthly crafting night that I host, and she was enamored!  I actually had a few bendy dolls in progress from months and months ago that I had created soon after purchasing the book, Felt Wee Folk.  So, using the instructions and base patterns in that book, and gazing in adoration at Princess Nimble-Thimble’s creations on Flickr, we made some dolls at our Saturday crafty night last weekend!  I absolutely love them.  I did not expect them to turn out so wonderfully as a first attempt.  Now I need to make more!

My doll -- back

My Star Wars-obsessed 7yo thinks I should make one like Ventress.  Hmm….and my 5yo thinks a “soldier who guards the gates of the castle” would be cool.  Then the 5yo was looking through my Felt Wee Folk book tonight, and started flagging pages he liked with Post-It notes.  I see more bendy dolls in my future!

My friend's doll -- who is a bit bigger -- maybe 3.5"

Thanks to Dannielle at Princess Nimble-Thimble for the wonderful inspiration (oooh…she has ballerinas in stock!).  Her creations are amazing.  Seeing how long it took me to make just one, and how imperfect it is, I’m in awe of her talent!  She also has a photo tutorial for the dolls on Flickr.

3 Responses

  1. They’re like cute like little fairies.
    Thanks for the link!

  2. What cuteness! I am inspired to get my WeeFeltFolks book out and make some for Valentine’s day. Thank you. Your blog is so full of fun making; it’s great inspiration!

    Thank you, too, for visiting woolnest! It makes me so glad to know that someone’s been by! It’d be fun to see your heart pouches…

    best – Annri

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