Rainbow window stars

A few weeks ago, we had school canceled for a snow day so the boys and I made these window stars using Garden Mama’s tutorial.  The boys are 7.5yo and 5.5yo and did a pretty good job with the folding.  Even when it’s not perfect, it’s really not noticeable.  Now, I’ve been busy making them for friends, school, etc!  I shared them with the Elementary teacher at J’s Montessori school, she shared them with the art teacher, and now they are on the hunt for kite paper so they can do them with Elementary and Extended Day students (i.e., the Kindergarten-age children).  I purchased my kite paper at Mercurius (awesome art supplies but wholesale only — I got mine in a co-op) but I’m sure you can buy it elsewhere.  I saw it at Nova Natural online or Waldorf School stores are a good place to check too.  You can also use tissue paper, wax paper, etc., but I really like the sturdiness of the kite paper.

One Response

  1. Owh! I LOVE your site! You’re a mondorf possibly ment parent too! I love the bendy dolls & I’m off to see about getting some of that you & me fabric & I’m making myself & the kids some baskets. I’ve been LOOKING trying to find something for the cubbies that’ll hold activities & I think the baskets will be wonderful!

    You site is worthy of a bib it’s so yummy!


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