Little zipper pouches

I have never put a zipper into anything in my life and decided that I should remedy that situation.  So, I decided to make some cute little pouches for my mother-in-law for Mother’s Day.  Now, I’ve made a few things (all bags, no clothing), and it’s not hard at all!  Once again, one of those sewing things that sound a lot harder than they really are.

Little zipper pouch

Aren’t the little pleats adorable?  I used the pleated pouch tutorial at Skip to my Lou, and it was super easy!  Took about half an hour, at the most, I think.  I had mother in law come with me to the store, and had her pick out two fabrics but wouldn’t tell her what it was for.  I made the one above, as well as one using the opposite fabrics for the top and bottom (which I neglected to get a picture of).  It’s even lined!  Super-cute and highly recommended as a quick, little gift or for yourself.

I have not been doing much crafting lately, hence the no posts in May!  I have been busy gardening.  Expanding our garden once again.  I bought 11 perennials for our front bed from a local perennial nursery, and did a day of back-breaking work to put them all in.  There are three maples in the middle of the bed and they cause some problems in trying to plant other things.  My whole vegetable garden is planted, except I have to plant a few more container tomatoes.  I’ve already harvested my first salad!  Yummy!!!

And check out our “puppy”!  No longer so little.  Now he’s over 80 pounds.  At least he didn’t turn out to be the 100 pounds that the vet was expecting.

Cute puppy shot

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